10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (2024)

10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (1)


Renting a studio apartment has taught me that every little bit of space counts in the home — and I do mean little. Without a ton of closets or countertop space to display all my stuff, I’ve had to figure out storage solutions like using adhesive hooks and filling multi-compartment organizers that keep my place from feeling cluttered and messy.

The good news is that most of these fixes don’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can free up some valuable countertop or shelf real estate with just $10. Whether you’re stuck in a tight space like me or are trying to keep a family’s worth of clutter from taking over, Amazon has so many inexpensive ways to tackle the storage problems in your home. I’m here to tell you about some of the best ones that will save you both money and space.



10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (2)

Simple Houseware / Amazon

A can dispenser for your fridge

Though they're primarily designed to hold soda cans so they take up less space in your fridge, you can use these organizers to hold everything from pantry items to bathroom knickknacks or office supplies. Aside from the space-saving benefits, reviewers love the holders' clean look and sturdy construction.

Promising reviews: "We are so happy to organize our drinks in both refrigerators. Before they would be pushed to the back and we'd have to move the soda to get to the beer or vice a versa! Now they each have their own spot and no more mixing up!" — MARS in Virginia

"These soda can holders nearly doubled the number of cans I can store in the same space. They are designed with a slight tilt that causes the cans to roll to the front of the unit. Good product at a great price." — David


10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (3)

DEKAVA / Amazon

A self-adhesive paper towel holder

If lack of counter space is a problem in your kitchen, this adhesive paper towel holder can get one of the bulkier items on your countertop out of the way. The renter-friendly sticker application makes it easy to apply and remove, but it'll still hold strong even as you rip off paper towels daily.

Promising reviews: "I have purchased this exact product 3 separate times because of how sturdy and easy these are. I have only used the sticker application, not the hardware because I was renting and then had custom cabinets I didn’t want to ruin. We even had one in the bathroom and with shower humidity it never weakened the sticker." — Aumnay

"I hate having stuff on the counters so I decided to stick this paper towel holder to the inside of the kitchen sink cabinet and this has been such a game changer. It’s very convenient and off my counters!" — Jadyn Raschke


10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (4)

Copco / Amazon

A grippy shelf riser

With three tiers, each 2.75 by 15 inches, you can fit this riser in a cabinet or on the countertop to organize spices, art supplies, or any other items that often get shoved in the back of your storage spaces, never be seen again. They're made of a durable, non-stick plastic, and have non-skid liners to keep your stored items in place.

Promising reviews: "I love these, no more hunting around the cabinet picking up every jare to find the right one. I can see them clearly on these tiers. 2 across fit the dimensions of my cabinet perfectly. Great help in getting me organized and you can't beat the price." — Elysia G Preston

"Surprised at the great quality! It’s very useful and looks nice in my pantry! I’m glad I purchased this spice rack! It could be used for perfume bottles, medicine bottles, and makeup." — Veronica B



10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (5)

Durmmur / Amazon

A set of racks for baseball caps

One space-saving hack you might be missing out on is utilizing vertical space, especially for items you might want on display or reach for all the time — like baseball hats. These stainless steel hooks have a sleeker look than plain Command strips, but can still hold 10 to 15 hats. Not a hat collector? Try hanging your purse, keys, hairbands, or other items you'll want to remember to grab on your way out the door.

Promising reviews: "These hooks work great! Several caps can be put onto each of them. I got my all of my husband’s caps organized in just minutes. Can be hung using adhesive strips or screws (both included). I highly recommend." — Pamela Pugh

"I was struggling with a solution for my hat collection… and this was it. I attached them to an IKEA shelf next to my desk. I followed the directions and holy cow…. they stuck & held! ! I now keep about 12 hats piled onto them. Highly recommend!!!!" — Daphne


10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (6)

AOZITA / Amazon

A set of four acrylic jars for storage and display

No bathroom counter space? No problem. These little jars will enhance your decor with their understated charm while keeping all the necessities like cotton swabs and floss picks easy to find. They even come with labels you can stick on for ultimate organization.

Promising reviews: "For our new house I needed to contemporize two full baths. I had a glass set like these for the one bathroom but needed another set for the main guest bath. These are perfect. Put in the very large mirrored shelved medicine cabinet over the sink and fit great...so Q-tips, cotton balls, dental pics, and facial rounds are easily accessible and kept clean for when we have guests. This was a good buy as well in comparison to other bathroom accessories and I really just needed the basics handy for guests. Perfect for my needs!" — Amazon Customer

"These containers were the perfect size for my short bathroom drawers! I love that it also comes with pre-written labels and custom labels.

I highly recommend these if you want to utilize your drawer or counter space for your hygienic products." — Sofia H.


10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (7)

Command / Amazon

Some Command hooks

If you've ever lived in a college dorm or rented space, you're probably very familiar with the little miracle workers that are Command hooks and strips. These medium-sized hooks (which can hold up to 3 pounds), are the perfect size for handbags, scarves, and dog leashes, among other daily-use items. You can even stick these on painted walls and cleanly remove them without doing any damage.

Promising reviews: "I have always seen ads for these, and I really did not think they would work or come off the wall. I ordered them to try it out and they really do work. I used it for my Christmas decor around the house and when it was time to take them off the wall, the came right off. I will be ordering them again. They were shipped and they showed up the next day, which was amazing. I hope this helps out anyone that looking to buy this product." — Corey Jones

"Does everything it claims to do, I’ve used these in my closet for purse and belt storage. I can hang multiple bags on it without issue and so far have no damage to the paint on the wall. Great for small spaces!" — Chelsea



10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (8)

Moforoco / Amazon

A set of suction-cup bathroom shelves

Say goodbye to crowding the edge of your tub with bath products — these organizing shelves will free you from knocking over your shampoo bottle all the time (trust me, I've been there). Reviewers love how strong the suction cups on these shelves are, allowing them to store multiple heavy products in their shower with ease.

Promising reviews: "Literally just buy it! I bought these like a month or two ago and they are amazing. If you follow the directions it is SO sturdy. My products are big and heavy and I have multiple and these shelves are not budging and they are super cute. I am about to buy another set for my new bathroom because I love them so much!" — Liz

"i was hesitant at first because i’ve purchased many products like this that either don’t actually hold product or don’t suction well. this was easy to put together, the suction strips are very strong so no need to worry about them falling or stripping any material. the color is perfect & you can switch out by putting the smaller one on top or bottom if you’d like! can easily hold up to 40 pounds of things so if you have shampoo or body wash liters, it’ll easily hold those! plus it has little grooves to hang loofas/combs/razors. very pleased!!" — C Hickman


10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (9)

Handy Laundry / Amazon

A collapsible hamper

Few people enjoy laundry day, but there are ways to make it less of a hassle. One of them is this 24-inch rectangular hamper, made of breathable mesh to keep your clothes from getting smelly. This one also stands out because it's collapsible when you're not using it, and can fit in your suitcase if you need a place to store dirty laundry during your travels.

Promising reviews: "Got two and I might get two more. They are a nice size. The last one I had was so big and heavy that I had to do laundry in stages. This is lightweight, has handles and is easy to carry and when laundry is done, either fold it or just toss it in the bag." — ReRe

"This was purchased to take on a cruise for dirty clothes. They worked perfectly and fit easily in suitcase. I will never travel without one or two now. Perfect for short or long trips. Does not take up much space and very easy to fold back up when done." — CHLOE MUNDAY


10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (10)

VIS'V / Amazon

The “gold standard” of suction hooks

You get it by now: Hooks are a fantastic and cheap space-saving hack. These clear, powerful suction cup hooks work on windows, mirrors, tiles, and more, and are reusable so you can even keep using them after you move (if they're losing suction, simply soak them in warm water and let dry to make them like new again). Reviewers have been shocked by how sturdy and reliable they are, even when used outdoors.

Promising reviews: "Welp. In 20 years or so, of buying these kind of hooks- I’ve finally found the gold standard of suction hooks. Installation: flawless. Easiest one I’ve ever done on the first try. And just like the diamond pattern on the front- super strong!

I’ll bet these don’t fall down in the middle of the night making a crashing sound like my other brands do either. Superior! The design just makes sense. I’ll keep you posted if things change." — Amazon customer

"I bought these to hang up six Christmas wreaths on our outdoor front windows, and they worked perfectly! They were very easy to attach and click into place, and I had no issues with suction. In fact, we had a huge wind storm the day after I hung up the wreaths, and not one wreath came down. They were also easy to remove a month later. I am very pleased!" — Drew H.



10 Genius Little Storage Solutions For Under $10 (11)

KElofoN / Amazon

A petite jewelry organizer

Traveling with jewelry can be, well, a mixed bag. Rather than tossing everything in one bag and hoping for the best, or trying to stuff each piece's respective box into your suitcase, it's worth investing in this little organizer. It's got six ring rolls, three necklace hooks, six earring holes, four compartments, and a vanity mirror, but is only about four inches large. You could also easily use this for household storage if your dresser or vanity is tight on space.

Promising reviews: "This product has helped me keep track of my jewelry so much better than ever before! I was constantly losing my jewelry because I’m on the go a lot and always put my stuff in my bag. This has helped me a lot, might even buy a second one!" — Rachel Ayala

"This little travel jewelry box doesn’t take up much room in my suitcase but it can hold plenty of jewelry! I love that my necklace doesn’t get tangled any more! Ir can hold rings, earrings and necklaces. It won’t hold very large pieces of jewelry, but I don’t take a lot of jewelry with me when traveling. It’s perfect for me!" — Connie

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