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Shalach Manos in Israel

Well, here it is – May first, not even Shavuot yet, but here we are thinking of Purim. As you know, living in Israel can be an extra special opportunity. So many beautuful traditions all around. But when the summer comes around and you know the holidays are just around the corner, you start to feel this incredible electricity in the air.

You have the High Holy Days – Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the Holiday of Sukkot, where you can see kids dragging branches across the neighborhoods for use as a ritual Sukkah covering called “Schach”. These are basically huts, where according to the bible, Jews are supposed to live for seven days (eight days in diaspora). The Jewish marketplaces get flooded

Then there is the Holiday of Hanukkah, made popular by Adam Sandler’s song and after that comes the holiday of Purim. Its a holiday for anyone who loves the spirit of giving. The story of the holiday in, short, is about the king of Persia, about 2000 years ago who killed his wife in a fit of rage, and Providence caused him to choose a replacement queen named Esther who had hidden her Jewish lineage. The king had an evil adviser named Haman who, in his own fit of anger at a Rabbi named Mordechai , decided to take his vengeance out on the entire Jewish people. After consulting with the king, approval was given to wipe out the entire Jewish people.

After the Jews prayed and repented for three days, Esther, dared to approach the king who had not summoned her ( a crime that carries the penalty of execution ) and pleaded to arrange for a special banquet for the king and Haman alone. After her wish was granted and the banquet held, she requested a second banquet where she revealed the plot the wicked Haman who was subsequently killed and a new decree was issued to assist the Jews to kill their enemies.

As a result, a Holiday was made to celebrate every year where the Jewish people send shalach manos to friends and family.


This is just a summary, but I’ve noticed some amazing websites, like . Their specialization is for those who want to send shalach manot in Jerusalem, Israel . Or to send Mishloach Manot in Beit Shemesh


The History Of The Jewish People

A Small Country:

It touched the United Nations to reap the bitter fruit that had been maturing over the years, there in the Middle East, between the mountains and the sea. Palestine was a region of hot and bright skies, of green valleys, of swampy and desert areas. A part in which villages, rivers, and a small city bore names that reached the very ends of the Earth. Names that for centuries have been familiar even on the lips of children. The fruit that that land gave now, in the middle of the twentieth century, had matured and was about to fall if there was no hand to pull it out, it seemed that it was the hand of the United Nations that would pick it up since the Dessert had to be harvested.


AFTER THE CREATION of the State of Israel, in 1948, many Jews immigrated to the new territory. With the support of the wealth of the Jewish community, the Israelis quickly built a prosperous economy. Agriculture and industry were developed, and modern cities were built. The Arab territories, on the other hand, remained at levels of underdevelopment.

The FIRST CONFLICT The Arab states did not accept the legitimacy of the State of Israel. On May 15, 1948, the day after the proclamation of the new rule, the neighboring Arab countries began the attacks. Five states – Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq – set out to restore the Palestinian territories. Israel was able to withstand all attacks while continuing to expand its area. The fighting remained until 1949 when a first ceasefire was agreed.